Boss Frog


Inspiring others to be who THEY want to be


Along with our #BOSSUP campaign we want to inspire others to be who THEY want to be and follow the paths that THEY want to follow without being held back by the bullies of the world.


How are we helping others inspire others? With Boss Frog hitting TV in 2021, youth all over will be able to watch Boss Frog on his adventures through his magic jungle as he helps all sorts of youth who are struggling in their life. We not only inspire others to be their best them but to spread kindness and stand up to bullying for others who may not know who Boss Frog is.


We know that to cease bullying entirely may be difficult but we don't care! We are in this fight for the long run. We believe that if everyone just spreads a little inspiration and kindness to the next person then the world will inevitably become a much more beautiful place!